What is Certified Public Speaker™ Certification Program

The Public Speaking Institute (TPSI) offers a 10-day Certified Public Speaker™ (CPS) certification program using a synchronous and asynchronous learning methodology based on the Luna Public Speaking Framework or simply, the Luna Framework.

This is a 1,080-minute training course, which includes lectures, theoretical and practical exercises, quizzes, discussion, and final assessment through actual public speaking at the end of the term.

Certified Public Speaker Luna Framework
Certified Public Speaker Luna Framework

What is Luna Public Speaking Framework

CPS-candidates are certified based on Luna Public Speaking Framework or simply, the Luna Framework—an intersecting three-moon model composed of Character, Content, Competency connected by Story, Strategy, and Style.

Public Speaking Program Outline

CHA 100 Stage Fright 60:00:00
Conquering Fear / Dynamics of Public Speaking / Developing Self-Confidence / Self-introduction / The Three-Minute Rule, Practical Tips
CHA 200 The Essentials of Public Speaking 60:00:00
The Public Speaking Loop / The Sender / The Message / The Channel / The Receiver
CHA 300 Public Speaking Ethics 60:00:00
Standard Manner and Ethical Conduct / Speaker’s Mission / Reason for Speaking / Handling the Audience /
CHA 400 Speaking Brand Archetypes 60:00:00
Understanding Your Speaking Brand / Defining Your Speaking Brand Strategy / Brand Value Proposition
CON 100 Types of Speech 60:00:00
CON 200 Content Creation 60:00:00
Speech for an Occasion / Setting the Goal / Creating a Topic / Story-Point-Point-Story Method
CON 300 Content Presentation 120:00:00
COM 100 Public Speaking Techniques 60:00:00
Theatrical Competency / Oral Presentation Techniques
COM 200 Prepared Speech Preparation 60:00:00
Speech Writing Workshop / Speech Reading Workshop
COM 300 Impromptu Speech 60:00:00
Writing Workshop
COM 400 Slides and Presentation 60:00:00
Slide-making Workshop / Presentation Skills

Class schedule

A total of 9 days, every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 9PM-11PM via Zoom.

Enrollment Fee

Our certification program will only cost you a modest P15,500.

The Pioneering Batch Class of 2021

Certified Public Speakers Batch 1 - Candidates
Certified Public Speakers Batch 1 – Candidates